Our mission is to provide support and advice to parents and carers who have a loved one suffering from an eating disorder.

FightED (Fighting Eating Disorders)

I am the Chairperson of a local, family-run eating disorder charity called fightED. The main aim of fightED is to provide the world-renowned New Maudsley Model workshop, a two-day course specifically designed for parents and carers who have a loved one with an eating disorder.

At fightED we know that eating disorders do not just affect the individual, they affect the whole family. The illness brings a lot of tension, conflict and difficulties into the home, and parents and carers often feel isolated and alone, terrified as they watch their loved one become increasingly ill. They often feel blamed for the illness, and very helpless, unsure of what to say or how to help.

How FightED can help

The New Maudsley Model workshop was developed by the South London and Maudsley Hospital over 20 years ago and is now used in many countries around the world.
It is an evidenced-based course, which teaches parents/carers the tools they need to improve their daily life.
They are taught about eating disorders, the causes, helpful caring styles, the importance of self-care, enhanced communication skills, the psychology of change, how to promote recovery in their loved one, and many more skills, leaving them feeling better equipped to manage what is often a difficult and stressful situation.

fightED are currently the only providers of this life-changing course in Northern Ireland and Ireland, to date helping well over 300 families.
I am the lead facilitator at fightED, working alongside several other facilitators to deliver the workshops to families, and received my training to do so from Gill Todd RMN MSc, one of the co-founders of the New Maudsley Model.

fightED believe that this course is vital for every family affected by an eating disorder. Most people with eating disorders are usually seen by a professional for one hour a week. All the other hours of the week they are at home with their families, so for us, it seems essential to teach parents/carers the necessary skills to support their loved one, and the best ways to help their loved one begin to move towards recovery.

To find out more about the New Maudsley Model, please visit their website www.thenewmaudsleyapproach.co.uk

To find out more about the courses or to book your place, please visit the fightED website